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Reasons to visit Greece in September

There is no denying summer is a beautiful time to be in Greece and there is nothing like spending August 15th in any part of the country. However, if you aren’t able to get there in the peak of summer or not a fan of the heat and crowds- there is no reason you can’t enjoy Greece just as much, if not more so in September.

Why visit Greece in September? Well besides the country’s extra-clean award-winning beaches and waters, the great weather and better airfare and accommodation prices- there is so much more this nation has to offer and with a new initiative titled ‘September in Greece’- now is the time to get there.

Here is ‘September in Greece’s’ top 10 reasons as to why you should visit this beautiful country this month and we also give you a list of our pick of places to see while you are there.

Top 10 reasons to get there now →

  1. The perfect weather: Still warm, but not so hot!

  2. The lower prices: Get lower prices, even at the most luxurious hotels.

  3. Always find a sunbed: Beaches are not so crowded.

  4. No more queues: Archaeological sites & museums have less visitors.

  5. Upgraded service: Fewer guests lead to more personalised service.

  6. Cheaper air tickets: Reach Greece at a much lower cost.

  7. Warm waters: The sea is more clean and the waters are pleasantly warm.

  8. Take better pictures: The sky is clearer so you can capture the best photos.

  9. Eat as much as you want: Summer is ending, so don’t hold back your appetite!

  10. Power-up for winter: Taking a holiday in September, will fill your batteries for the upcoming winter.


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