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Space a new frontier for Greek tech firms, experts

Prof. Dr. Ioannis A. Daglis is the President of the Hellenic Space Center, the space agency of Greece, and Professor of Space Physics at the University of Athens.

While Greece is still taking small steps for mankind in space technology and exploration, the presence of Greeks in the field is “disproportionately large compared to the size of the country’s population and economy,” according to Ioannis Daglis, an Athens University space physics professor and president of the recently established Hellenic Space Center.

“It is a part of the economy that may not be bigger in size than others, but it is at the cutting edge of a rapidly developing sector,” he tells.

Daglis, who also works as a scientific adviser with NASA and the European Space Agency, notes the presence of dozens of Greek scientists and scientific teams in international space projects, the ESA’s Cluster, Rosetta and BepiColombo missions.

There are also some 50 Greek companies in the field, he adds, constructing parts for satellites, developing smart system software and providing services like mapping, among others.

Source: Kathimerini.


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