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Spain promises Turkish military agreement not at expense of Greece

Spain’s Foreign Affairs Minister Jose Manuel Albares said that his country’s recent military agreement with Turkey will be implemented within EU guidelines and not at the expense of Greece.

Albares made the comments during a joint press conference with his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias, following their meeting in Athens where they discussed bilateral relations and regional issues.

Dendias said he “expressed concern about Spain’s intention to strengthen its military cooperation with Turkey,” and stressed that Greece and all the other EU member states have, since 2008, “committed to not export military technology and equipment that could be used for aggressive acts or regional destabilization.”

The Greek Foreign Affairs Minister said that he had happily received his Spanish counterpart’s reassurance that Spain acts and will always act within the European framework and within the framework of EU decisions, and he thanked Albares for his explicit stance.

Greece and Spain “have many common interests and the same goals,” noted Albares, on his side, and continued to say that both countries are “Mediterranean, European, allies, friends and we are together in NATO and the EU, which enables us to have a good dialogue and excellent cooperation.” All this, he noted, is “the basis of an honest relationship in broad political matters.”

The Spanish minister underlined that “Greece can rely on Spain as a friend, ally and partner,” and a country which “you can always be certain of its support.”

Albares underlined that his presence in Athens gives the two countries the opportunity to have even more significant cooperation.


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