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Spiros Hagabimana set to become the first African Greek Parliamentarian (VIDEO)

Burundi native and Greek citizen Spiros Hagabimana could compete in the next parliamentary elections in Greece according to a report from “Kathimerini ”

According to information, the governing conservative political party, New Democracy is considering Hagabimana as one of its candidates in B’ Piraeus electorate for the next parliamentary elections after being elected the first cross delegate in the specific area and in the last inter-party elections.

His personal journey fills him with hope that the people who arrive in Greece – if they integrate properly – can become part of society. When he talks about the Greek citizenship that he acquired in 2005, he immediately becomes serious:

“In the USA, when a foreigner acquires American citizenship, they cry of joy. At some point we must decide to only give citizenship to those who are happy to become Greeks!” says Hagabimana.

Hagabimana first came to study to study at the Naval Officer School and then continued with studies in Law. He is currently working at the General Secretariat for Immigration.

View his TedX talk about his amazing story:


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