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The BYD electric bus in Trikala

The city of Trikala and the Mill of the Elves, the largest Christmas theme park in Greece, welcomed the first electric buses making this year’s event a little greener. This year, for the first time, environmental protection and sustainability was a key priority of the event. Zero environmental footprint, sensitivity to environmental protection, recycling and the use of renewable energy sources were just some of the “green” topics of this year’s event. In this context, the use of electric buses has been included in the framework of sustainable urban mobility actions, which is one of the themes of the park, and highlights the value and benefits of using renewable energy sources in the environment.

Specifically, an 12.5 meter-long electric bus made by BYD was used in the event, which was offered by the company Petros Petropoulos SA, to strengthen this important effort.

The company BYD (Build your Dreams) is one of the pioneers in e-mobility, having a long presence in Asia and America. BYD currently lists 37 factories worldwide. So far it has completed 1,100,000 deliveries of vehicles and 52,000 deliveries of BYD electric buses in 200 cities.

The official distributor of BYD in Greece is Petros Petropoulos SA, a company that this year closes 100 years of presence in the Greek car industry.


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