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The longest sand beach in Europe is in Greece

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The immense coastline of Greece hosts some of the most idyllic beaches anyone can hope for. But did you know that Greece is also the country with the largest strip of sandy beach in the whole of Europe?

It is not located on Crete or Rhodes, if you are wondering, but on the mainland Riviera of Greece. It is the Monolithi beach in the town of Preveza, Epirus on the west coast of Greece. It is no surprise that is a permanent choice for both young and old from all over Greece, as apart from being huge it is also considered very safe an easily accessible.

It has a length of almost 25 km, which means it probably virtually impossible to encounter beachgoers ‘fighting’ to ensure their small spot under the sun. The coast of Monolithi extends from the village of Mytikas to the village of Kastrosykia in the Municipality of Preveza.

From that point on, the so-called Monolithi aesthetic forest begins, which is about 8 km long and is an strict Archaeological Zone, where any kind of construction is prohibited due to the ancient city of Nikopolis founded in 29 BC by Caesar Augustus in commemoration of his victory in 31 BC over Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium nearby.

The beach is so long that it has both organised sections and others more remote and unspoilt catering for all tastes, while the water depth is shallow for the kids but also deeper for adults. There are also severals sections on the strip where the more athletic beachgoers can enjoy different water sports.

The shores have been gradually formed from the Pleistocene age, ie 600,000 years ago. In fact, at the point of Agios Georgios at Lygia there are coral reefs at a depth of 1.5 meters above sea level on conglomerate stones.

The area is a perfect holidays spot, especially if you only want to take the car. One of the gems one can appreciate nearby is the uniquely beautiful small port town of Parga. If you want to make an excursion to Western Greece and combine the green of nature with the blue waters and the lacy beaches, then your destination is surely Parga!

The beaches around the town of Parga create a divergent feeling for the visitor, as it is as if you are transported to an island with its fine sandy coves, the turquoise-coloured waters and the natural green all around.


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