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US ambassador offers aerial support in wildfire battle

US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt on Friday announced that the US Navy is deploying a reconnaissance aircraft to assist the Greek fire service in its ongoing battle with several major wildfires.

“Like everyone in Greece, we at US Mission Greece are horrified by the scenes of destruction wrought by wildfires around the country and the broader region. We applaud the many brave firefighters, military personnel, and volunteers who have worked to limit the damage and to save human lives.

We know these fires have taken an incredible toll, and understand from similar experiences in the United States how difficult the road ahead will be,” Pyatt said in a statement posted on the embassy’s website.

He said that the P-8 aerial reconnaissance aircraft, from US Naval Forces Europe, will be supporting efforts on the ground.

“Through such joint initiatives, we demonstrate the strength of our alliance and how we are #StrongerTogether,” the statement added.


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