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Us Company has withdrawn from plans for casino in Greece

Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment announced in the United States that it had discontinued plans to create a casino in Greece, slated for the former airport plot at Elliniko in southern Athens.

“MGE has conducted an extensive review of its operations and future commitments against the new backdrop created by the Covid-19 global pandemic and concluded that we would not continue to pursue the concession rights for the Athens project,” it said.

“We are also focused on the large undertaking at Inspire Korea, which will consume the next few years. While we know this is a disappointment to many, it is the right decision for our company and its stakeholders,” it added.

The Hellenic Gaming Commission selected Mohegan and its GEK Terna Holding Real Estate Construction partner to construct the resort in southern Athens. Mohegan said in September.

Its equity ownership in the Athens project has been transferred to GEK Terna, which was previously the minority owner in the venture.

However, it remains a consultant to Inspire Athens, offering its expertise as its contractual commitments mandate.


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