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Vandals spray neo-Nazi “Azov” on WW2 monument honouring Soviet soldiers in Athens

The Russian Embassy called on Greek authorities to condemn the act of vandalism

Vandals desecrated a monument dedicated to the fallen Soviet soldiers in Kallithea, spraying the word “Azov” on it, referring to the neo-nazi Azov battalion in Ukraine.

In a furious post, the Russian embassy in Athens called on Greek authorities to condemn that action. “Supporters of the Ukrainian nationalist Azov Battalion, which for so many years terrorised killing in cold blood people of eastern Ukraine, raised their hand against the holy memory in Greece for those who with great sacrifices liberated enslaved Europe from fascism in World War II “.

“We unequivocally condemn this immoral attempt to offend history and the unacceptable act of vandalism. In the wake of this criminal act and the countless revelations of the people of Mariupol and Donbas, do we need additional evidence of the Nazi nature of Azov and other similar battalions of extremist nationalists in Ukraine? We call on the Greek authorities to do whatever is necessary to investigate this barbaric attack and punish the vandals.”


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