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14-year-old arsonist confessed 9 wildfires in Theologos, Central Greece

A 14-year-old boy arrested in Central Greece has confessed to have lit several wildfires because “he liked the flames and the smoke.” The underage arsonist admitted to have lit 9 wildfires in the area of Theologos, Fthiotida, since the beginning of August.

The boy was detained on Wednesday morning initially as suspect for the 13 wildfires in the area.

His detention came after the local Fire Brigades and Police evaluated video footage they had at their disposal after the latest fire that broke out on Tuesday afternoon, August 17.

Admitting the 9 fires, the boy reportedly said he started them with a lighter. He used his bicycle for his arson tours, local media reported.

After his confession, police detained also his parents for ‘negligence of a minor.”

According to media, the boy has psychological problems.

The young arsonist is to appear before the Prosecutor in Lamia,

Local lamianow reported that the defense line of the family will be that the boy did not start the fires.

Residents of Theologos are stunned that a 14-year-old boy was behind the fires that broke August 5-17 spreading panic among them, the local media noted.


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