2 out of 3 unvaccinated people say it safe to go outside

The vaccinated people are much more concerned

According to a survey conducted by the Institute of Retail Consumer Goods (IELKA), 66% of non-vaccinated people think it is safe to go outside as before, while only 23% of vaccinated people believe the same.

The majority of the unvaccinated people continue on their daily routines as if the pandemic does not exist, but a significant minority (1 in 3) are concerned, which may mean that they have greater phobias about vaccination than about the pandemic.

As for the protection measures in supermarkets, 1 in 2 vaccinated people consider them excessive and only 1 in 8 non-vaccinated people agree.

The greatest concern of the vaccinated people is reflected in the fact that 47% try to finish their supermarket purchases as quickly as possible, compared to only 19% of the unvaccinated. 33% of those vaccinated also state that they disinfect the products before using them at home, compared to 13% of the unvaccinated. Similarly, 32% of the vaccinated public say they avoid bulk products versus 17% of the unvaccinated.