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Archbishop Ieronymos warns clergy: Comply with pandemic measures or go home

Greek Church leader Archbishop Ieronymos has warned clergy who disagrees with the pandemic measures should go home or to monastery. he stressed that above all is obedience to the Church and Holy Synod.

Jerome to clergy: Whoever disagrees to go home, above all obedience to the Church

The Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Ieronymos, sent a strict message to those priests who do not follow the line of the Holy Synod, putting their own positions on it.

Ieronymos sent his strict message to defiant priests wo urge the faithful against the Covid-19 vaccination or the wearing of masks during the ordination ceremony of the new Bishop of Kastoria.

The Archbishop emphasized, among others, that “above all it is obedience to the Church and its Synod, because it guides this boat. And in it you will be obedient.”

He added “We respect your freedom and everybody’s freedom. But he should come and say, ‘My father, this is me,’ and to withdraw from his duties, retire in his house, his monastery, his cell, and from there to have his own point of view.”

According to Greek health experts, 60% to 70% of the priests are not vaccinated, while the rate among nuns and monks in monasteries is estimated to be between 80% to 90%.


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