Gov’t to rebuild Evia with “holistic approach” and “positive energy” by the fire-stricken people

In good mood and relaxed Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis appeared on TV screens on Wednesday with a plan for the reconstruction of the fire-stricken Evia. With new age slogans “holistic approach” the PM urged the fire-stricken people of Evia to cooperate with the state with “positive energy.” He promised to “rebuild northern Evia better and more beautiful than it was.”

“And through this great catastrophe, what I hold back is this optimism of many people in Northern Evia, who rushed to take control of the situation in their hands. With the help of the state, with the support of the state, we will rebuild northern Evia better and more beautiful than it was,” the Prime Minister said among others.

The government will disburse the first payouts for people whose homes and businesses were damaged in the great fire of North Evia within the next few days, the PM said H announced, the emergency aid being disbursed as a loan will now be without obligation of return, whether a business is fire affected or not.