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Greece to strengthens Evros security with 250 border guards and fence extension

Citizen Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos announced on Sunday the further strengthening of the Police in the Prefecture of Evros with 250 new border guards and the further extension of the fence.

the Minister stressed the strengthening of the country’s borders with the extension of the fence as well as Greece’s determination to defend peace and stability but also to protect its borders.

during his visit in Kastanies in Evros, Theodorikakos said, among others, that “from the borders of our country with Turkey, from the borders of the European Union with Turkey, where 37 kilometers of the fence have been completed so far, which has strengthened the security of our country’s borders and the security of our country’s borders is a prerequisite for the Greeks to be safe throughout the territory.”

He added that “everyone knows that Greece is a country that defends peace and stability in a geo-strategically difficult region. At the same time, however, Greece is determined to defend its borders, from any intrusion, from any threat.

Theodorikakos underlined “we are on full alert, we are further strengthening our forces in the area. The Greek police will be strengthened with 250 new border guards in the coming months, who will offer their services.”


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