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Greek inflation rate expected to rise to 3% in October, up from 1.9% in September

Eurostat said in a report on Friday that the annual Greek inflation rate is expected to jump to 3.0% in October, up from 1.9% in September.

The inflation rate in the Eurozone is projected to reach 4.1% in October, up from 3.4% in September.

This is a new 13-year high.

The EU executive’s statistics arm said that this development in the Eurozone reflected mainly a 23.5% jump in energy prices in October (+17.6% in September).

This is followed by a 2.1% price increase in services (1.7% in September), a 2.0% rise in energy industrial goods (2.1% in September) and a 2.0% rise in food/alcohol/tobacco (2.1% in September).

Malta (1.4%), Portugal (1.8%) and Finland (2.8%) recorded the lowest annual inflation rates, while Lithuania (8.2%), Estonia (7.4%), Latvia (6%) and Spain (5.5%) have the highest rates.


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