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Huge fiasco on Attiki Odos: 1,200 vehicles trapped for 22 hours! (videos-photos)

Hundreds of drivers were all these hours exposed to the cold, without water and food

An operation by the Hellenic Army, the Fire Brigade, the Hellenic Police, as well as Red Cross and Child’s Smile NGO’s volunteers has been underway since late yesterday afternoon, for the release of hundreds of drivers who were immobilized for hours on their vehicles on Attiki Odos.

The operation continued overnight. The stories of the people who remained trapped on Attiki Odos even after 20 hours, are shocking.

Most of them were almost 24 hours without food, water and heating in their cars, without even now knowing what will happen to them.

Citizens describe to TV reporters and the social media unbelievable scenes of utter chaos and shocking moments.


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