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Intensive contacts between Greek and Libyan companies in Tripoli, Libya

Forty-three private business meetings took place between Greek and Libyan companies, on the first day of the Greek business mission in Tripoli, Libya, led by Deputy Foreign Minister Costas Frangogiannis

Forty-three private business meetings took place between Greek and Libyan companies, on the first day of the Greek business mission in Tripoli, Libya, led by Deputy Foreign Minister Costas Frangogiannis.

The meetings took place after the end of the Greece-Libya Business Forum, during which a memorandum of understanding was signed between Enterprise Greece and the Libyan Investment Authority.

Greek companies that play a leading role in construction, energy, transport, health care, communication, opened channels of communication with Libyan companies and presented their capabilities. A communication that in cooperation with Enterprise Greece will continue with the aim of reaching agreements for the implementation of investment projects, they assured.

Greek companies, which in the recent past had a strong presence in Libya, are ready and willing to return, to take an active part in the reconstruction and rehabilitation projects in Libya, but also to explore new prospects for their activity in a wide range of sectors, while at the same time fostering bilateral economic and trade cooperation.


The second day of the visit of the Deputy Foreign Minister Costas Frangogiannis, as head of the Greek business mission in Libya, begins in the morning with the meeting with the Minister of Transport Mohammed Mohammed Al-Shahoubi, at the Ministry of Transport in Tripoli.

Shortly afterwards, Mr. Frangogiannis will pay another visit to the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he will meet with the Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of international cooperation, Omar Keti.

At noon, the Undersecretary will meet at the Greek Embassy in Tripoli with members of the Greek community in Libya.

The visit will end with the opening of the Greek pavilion at the international export and investment exhibition “11h Libya Build”.

“We want to warm up our relationship with Libya”

In a message at an event at the Greek embassy with members of the Greek and Libyan business communities on Sunday night, the Undersecretary of State stressed that “what matters is that Libya stands on its own two feet, without foreigners influencing politics” and the possibilities that their interventions give them. We want an independent Libya standing on its own two feet,” he said.

At the financial level, Mr. Frangogiannis stated that “we want to warm up our relationship, as it was in the past.” As he clarified, “we want to bring the business community closer to the local business community. We want to become catalysts for this cooperation that can arise between the two business communities “.

Welcoming the Deputy Minister to the embassy, and the general secretaries of International Economic Relations and Extroversion Giannis Smyrlis and Public Diplomacy and Hellenes Abroad Giannis Chrysoulakis and the first Greek business mission to Libya after many years, the Greek envoy to Libya noted that the Greek government in the last 6 months has made significant efforts to revive the very close political and economic relationship it had with this North African country.

He went on to say that Libya is in a transitional phase and stressed that Greece supports the government of national unity and is in favor of its stability. In addition, he pointed out that the Greek embassy is open to Greeks and Libyans, and unlike other countries is not closed in groups, but lives with Libyan friends in the center of Tripoli. “And what we have received in these six months is that the Libyans feel the same way about us. There are feelings of love and brotherhood between the two peoples. And we are here to cultivate them and strengthen them, “he added.


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