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KAS greenlights use of Acropolis for Dior photo shoot

The national archaeological council (KAS), the main guardian of Greece’s cultural heritage, has greenlighted the use of several key sites, including the Acropolis, for an upcoming shoot by French luxury label Christian Dior.

The decision, reached unanimously at the end of a marathon session in the early hours of Wednesday, means that Dior will be able to revive the iconic photo shoot it held in 1951 on top of the ancient citadel.

Filming the models will not be permitted.

Speaking to Agence France-Presse (AFP), a Culture Ministry official said material from the photo shoots will be used in a runway show to be held in Athens in June.

“This is not a runway show at the Acropolis,” the official was quoted as telling AFP.

Photo shoots will also be held at Herod Atticus Theater, the Ancient Agora in Athens, the Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounio, and the Temple of Zeus in Nemea.

Dior, one of the LVMH conglomerate’s biggest labels, has also submitted a request to shoot at the capital’s Panathenaic Stadium, also known as the Kallimarmaro. The request will reportedly be reviewed by KAS on Thursday.



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