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Man beats wife to death; 16th victim of femicide in Greece in 2021

Femicide in Greece, the 16th in 2021: A man brutally beat his wife and took the severely injured woman to the hospital emergencies in Alexandroupolis, in the North-East of the country. There he claimed she had fallen down the stairs. Four days later, the 29-year-old victim and mother of three succumbed to her injuries. The man disappeared after he heard of the death.

The victim was severely beaten and apparently had passed out in the couple’s family home in Avantos on December 5.

According to reports, relatives tried to bring her back for 2-3 hours, however, without result.

It is still unclear whether the woman was taken to the hospital by her husband or the ambulance.

At the hospital, doctors diagnosed ruptured spleen and liver. Furthermore, she was tested positive to Covid-19. She underwent four surgeries and was treated in ICU.

Despite all medical efforts, the victim died on Friday morning.

The woman’s parents filed against the husband on Dec 8 for “heavily bodily harm caused by her husband.”

After the complaint, a forensic investigation followed while the woman was still alive in ICU.

The examination reportedly showed that the victim had suffered multiple injuries in various parts of the body, a crushed liver and rupture of the spleen.

The findings showed that the injuries were not compatible with the claim that “she fell down the stairs” but compatible with heavy beating.

An autopsy will be performed early next week, according to hospitals safety protocols for Covid-patients in order to have the viral load reduced.

The woman leaves behind three children aged 2.5, 8 and 10, who are currently with the grandparents.

A manhunt for the husband was launched, he was finally arrested short after 12 noon on Friday.

According to ERT TV, he was daily at the hospital together with other relatives and disappeared when the wife died at 9 o’ clock Thursday night.

There have been reportedly no previous complaints for domestic violence to the local authorities.

The woman, a member of the Greek Muslim community in north-eastern Greece is the 16th victim of femicide in the country in 2021.

Just beginning of the week, a man strangled his 36-year-old wife and mother of two in southern Peloponnese.

It is highest time the Greek government and the state react and finally deal with the phenomenon that is alarming at least the society.


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