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Masks in- and outdoors, festive events canceled, tests for travelers

The Greek government adopted the recommendations of the Epidemiologists Committee and announced on Thursday morning a series of additional protective measures against the pandemic. The measures valid across Greece include the mandatory use of mask in- and outdoors, double or KN95 masks in supermarkets and public transport and additional Covid-test for travelers in the country.

The measures go into effect at 6:00 a.m. Friday, 24. December 2020 and are valid until 6:00 a.m. Monday, 3. January 2022.

  • Mandatory use of mask indoor and outdoors

  • Mandatory use mask of increased protection of type KN-95 in supermarkets and public transport

  • Cancellation of all mass festive events in open spaces (festivals, events by municipalities etc)

  • Travelers arriving in Greece should undergo mandatory PCR or Rapid test on the 2nd and 4th day of their arrival in the country.

There is a strong recommendation for Covid-test before any social gathering.

The Epidemiologists’ Committee will meet again on December 27 and a second package of additional measures will be announced in effect from January 3.

The additional measures from January will mostly refer to remote work, entertainment and activities that are not necessary, Health Minister Thanos Plevris who announced the measures on Thursday clarified.

He reiterated that there will be no general lockdown and leave home with SMS because the aim of the government is to have the economy open.

He added that schools are scheduled to open again after the holidays on January 10, however, there are thoughts to change the health protocols. Note that currently a class is suspended if 50%+1 students are sick with Covid-19.

Note that there is a 300-euro fine for violating the mandatory use of mask in- and outdoors.

Minister Plevris said that people should wear the mask also inside gyms and restaurants, while they go to their tables.

He stressed that there is an increase of Covid-19 infections and that health authorities try to detect whether it has to do with the crowding due to Christmas shopping and social gatherings or due to the Omicron variant.

Officially there are 27 cases infected with Omicron, another 10 suspected samples are under investigation.


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