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Cycladic Museum director Nikos Stambolidis elected Acropolis Museum's first director general

Archaeology professor and director of the Museum of Cycladic Art Nikos Stambolidis was unanimously elected the Acropolis Museum's first director general on Thursday.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Culture, the decision was announced by the Museum's board president and search committee president, professor Dimitris Pantermalis. The international seven-member committee included academician and professor Manolis Korres, academician and former director of the Louvre Alain Pasquier, professors of archaeology Petros Themelis and Vassilis Lambrinoudakis, director general of the Berlin museums Andreas Scholl, and the director general of the museums of Italy Massimo Ossana.

It is the first time that the position of a director general in a state-owned private entity is filled by international search,

Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said, adding that this follows international practice and is important as the Acropolis Museum

“is among the best museums globally, while during its 12-year operation it has changed the country's museum sector.”

Speaking of Stambolidis, she said he is a recognized archaeologist and "a person with a modern outlook in archaeology and in linking culture with society."

Once Mendoni signs off on the selection, it will published in the Government Gazette and he will assume his new duties within the next three months from the official publication.



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