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New Fire in Evia: Villages are being evacuated

A total of 4 aircrafts and 2 helicopters are assisting from the air

A fire has broken out in a forest area in Mesochoria, Evia, while ground and air forces have been mobilized. At 15:10, in fact, 112 sent an emergency message to the residents to evacuate the area.

The notification received by the Fire Brigade resulted in the mobilization of 44 firefighters, 15 vehicles, 1 group of ground unit and water-carrying vehicles of the local authorities, while 4 aircraft and 2 helicopters are assisting from the air.

Speaking to, the mayor of Karystos Lefteris Raviolos stated: “The fire is in progress near houses in the village of Mesochoria.They operate by air but the winds that blow in the area are very strong.However, the atmosphere is filled with the smoke.Ground forces, volunteers and water carriers of the Municipality of Karystos are also operating”.


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