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Operation of Tram to/from Piraeus starts on Dec 15

The commercial operation of the extension of the Tram to Piraeus starts on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, the managing company STASY announced on Tuesday.

The line initially includes the operation of 11 new stops: Karaiskaki Stadium, Asia Minor, Lambraki, Evangelistria, Deligianni Square, City Hall, Agia Triada, Ippodameia Square, 34th Co. Pezikou, Androutsou, Omiridou Skylitsi.

The 12th stop is expected to be delivered soon, under the name “Akti Poseidonos”, which will be the new terminal of Line 7.

The Tram network now consists of 2 new lines: Line 6 (PIKR – SYN) “Pikrodafni – Syntagma” and Line 7 (VOULA – PIR) “Asklipieio Voulas – Akti Poseidonos (Piraeus)”.

Response stations of both lines are the stations “Pikrodafni” and “Edem”, with an average response time of 4.5 minutes.

At the same time, the Tram fleet is being strengthened with 25 modern trains, further upgrading the provided transport project in its network.

With the operation of the 2 new lines, fixed time distances are formed throughout the network.

In particular, the frequency of services is set from 07:00 to 19:00 at 9 minutes on weekdays and 12 minutes on weekends. The duration of the route is 33΄ for the route “Syntagma – Pikrodafni”, at 35΄ for “Pikrodafni – Syntagma”, at 57΄ for the “Asklipieio Voulas – Agia Triada” and at 51΄ for the “Agia Triada – Asklipieio Voulas.”


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