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Sakellaropoulou pays tribute to women of Ukraine

Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou marked International Women’s Day in Parliament on Tuesday with a special reference to the women of Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion of the former Soviet republic.

“On a day like today, a day of honor for women around the world striving for a better future, the women of Ukraine are in our hearts and minds,” said Sakellaropoulou, who was dressed in a blue suit and a yellow blouse, the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Humanitarian groups have expressed concern about the safety of women and girls fleeing the war in Ukraine, warning that they could be more vulnerable to violence, abuse and exploitation.

In the same speech, Sakellaropoulou said that TV footage and images of refugees escaping war in Ukraine brings up “painful memories” of refugee waves triggered by the Asia Minor disaster and Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus.


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