Young Greek Tech Whiz Making Robots, Do-It-Yourself PCs

Dimitris Chatzis, creator of the Ascos eco-friendly pc case. Credit: Ascos Design

At 22, a Greek from Kavala has already built his own robot for less than $600, produced his own 3D printer and designed a computer tower that is an eco-friendly do-it-yourself kit. After a decade of being a trailblazer of innovation, what’s next for Dimitris Chatzis?

Chatzis could easily become the poster child for youth initiative and entrepreneurship in Greece. The Kavala native is both a scholar in Germany at the Technical University of Berlin in the department of electrical and computer engineering as well as the CEO of Ascos, with its featured product pc cases that are both earth-friendly and user-friendly.

“I wanted my hobby to become my occupation,” Chatzis tells Greek Reporter. “I like doing what allows me to do what I love and to express myself.”

Chatzis says with pride “We are not the ‘lost generation.’ We have already begun to build our futures by looking outwardly, using entrepreneurial spirit and cooperation.”